17 Creative Homemade Coronavirus Face Masks

17 Creative Homemade Coronavirus Face Masks

There are myriad techniques to vogue a single ― out of T-shirts and bandanas, for case in point ― but for some individuals, that phrase “fashion” is key.

All over social media, persons are sharing their impressive and imaginative handmade encounter masks. Some are wild parts of artwork, some have themes (ahem, Harry Potter supporters) and some are just attractive.

Not all of the masks featured are for sale (however plenty are), but either way, we salute these creative individuals. As items like masks turn out to be the new usual, we’re grateful to men and women who come across natural beauty in what has been a annoying and hoping time for the region and the entire world.

Check out 17 stunning, wild and seriously creative handmade deal with masks below.

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