8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair — And What They Do Instead

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

No a single has published much more eloquently about ditching her blow-dryer than Heather Schwedel at Slate. In her soaked-hair manifesto, she expresses surprise (and a little regret) that her “lazy teenage habit” ― leaving the house with damp hair ― has trapped with her into adulthood. But she knows exactly why it has:

“Blow-drying’s the thing that sucks. How is there not a much better remedy for drying my hair than the torturous ritual of blow-drying? 20 minutes, minimum, standing there with your head upside down, and you only have to do it every early morning from now right up until the finish of time.”

As a person who blow-dries her very own hair for 20 minutes, bare minimum, two to three times a 7 days, I deeply concur with this summary. Blow-drying is the pits. As addicted as I am to my at-home blowout, however, I believe now is the time to experiment with air-dried locks. Mainly because, like you, I’m now confined to my residence for the foreseeable potential.

Whilst the motives for self-mediated isolation are very, extremely urgent and terrifying, they don’t transform the important fact that none of us are likely any where whenever shortly. Which suggests it’s the great time to commence training The Delicate Artwork of Not Offering a Blow-Dry.

To get commenced, I talked to 8 gals who seldom, if at any time, blow-dry their hair. Some of them hearth up the appliance once in a blue moon other people can’t even recall the final time they used one. What they all have in common: self-assurance, a perception of liberty and the natural way dried, damn excellent hair.

Rachel Horner, social media supervisor at “Entertainment Tonight”

Previous time she blow-dried: At the time in the past 14 months

Horner didn’t commence carrying her hair curly right up until 2 1/2 a long time in the past, when her stylist seen the problems that straightening experienced completed. “I was also worried of quantity developing up,” Horner advised HuffPost. “I’m certain it had a great deal to do with what was currently being demonstrated in the media in large school, the place anyone had that flat, straight hair like Mischa Barton in ‘The O.C.’ … But now that I’m more mature, [I’ve realized] my facial area does not search fantastic with adhere-straight, flat hair. I was born with this hair due to the fact it fits with my experience.”

Megan Koren, occupational therapist

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Very last time she blow-dried: She breaks out the dryer at the time or 2 times a thirty day period. “I quite much only do it if I have a incredibly hot day or the pope is in town or one thing,” she joked.

Go-to products and solutions: She at times applies an oil (vitamin E, castor, argan or coconut) but famous, “I don’t feel any of these products definitely make a significant difference.”

Even nevertheless Koren dyes her hair platinum, her stylist is often impressed with its health and fitness. “I imagine section of it is mainly because I really do not blow-dry it except I definitely have to,” she explained. “And even in the winter, you can get by with no blow-drying it if you’re a night time shower-er. Which is why the braid will come in handy ― you can wake up with loose waves. It appears to be like you set work in, but you did not.”

Ines Bellina, freelance writer

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Last time she blow-dried:I truthfully are not able to remember.”

Bellina used her childhood and teenager several years seeing her thick, wavy hair as a dilemma. “It was so significantly hair and I could not tame it,” she informed HuffPost. “And my mom would always say, ‘No! I wish I had your hair!’”

Even now, she at times feels the will need to type it with a heat device ― but at some point, her improved judgment prevails. “You know those weeks when you’re like, ‘I’m going to be polished, beginning today’?” she claimed. “After 10 minutes of me just hoping to get it to do what I want and noticing that 50 percent my hair was however moist and it wasn’t coming out the way that it comes out when you’re in a stylist’s chair ― I just could not do it. I’m really impatient.”

Kelly Giacalone, junior substantial teacher

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Very last time she blow-dried: “It’s been yrs. I just never do it.”

Giacalone washes her hair every other day, places it in a Turbie Twist whilst getting all set, and then finger-combs it. “There are so quite a few other factors that are really worth more of my time and energy than my hair or my makeup, really,” she informed HuffPost. “I never want my daughters to at any time feel that their looks are what drives them, either, so I’ve always been incredibly cautious to direct with producing certain that they’re self-assured recognizing they are so substantially a lot more than just their elegance. So that has always been a focal stage.”

Nisha Mody, health and daily life sciences librarian

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Previous time she blow-dried: “This past Friday.”

How usually she blow-dries: “Maybe 2 times a thirty day period,” but she does her bangs every day.

Go-to product: OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Product

When vacationing in France very last summer time, Mody stopped blow-drying her hair and has never seemed back again (nicely, nearly never ever). She applies OGX’s Curling Perfection Cream in the shower, and afterward, she “plops” her hair, a strategy applied by curly- and wavy-haired ladies to hold their tresses “scrunched and contained,” as Mody set it.

Like many women who’ve ditched the blow-dryer, Mody applied to feel that her all-natural hair texture wasn’t experienced. “There’s whiteness in this thought of remaining pretty ‘kept up’ and very good and prim,” she mentioned. “And so I assume there is some of that internalized hate in me that I shouldn’t be air-drying.” When she started sporting her hair to operate in its in a natural way wavy condition, her co-employees beloved it, which assisted shift her notion. “I surely truly feel a lot more liberated and extra self-confident just going locations and owning my hair like that than I made use of to,” she said.

Sarah Cascone, senior writer at Artnet Information

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Final time she blow-dried: “I did try out to blow-dry it a minimal little bit in LA final thirty day period. Just before that, I do not don’t forget at all.”

Cascone made use of to blow-dry her hair consistently, prior to knowing that the close result was not considerably various from the way it appeared following she air-dried. “If I go out with a soaked head, which isn’t super generally, it’s not best, but I don’t experience ashamed or ashamed,” she explained. “I sense like, ‘OK, I’m a very little unfinished, but it is fine.’ I’m absolutely sure that if I did extra to it, it could appear improved. But I’m fortunate because my hair is quite tamed, in standard, so I do not truly feel the have to have to take it up to the up coming stage.”

Ashleigh Berge, doctor assistant

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Last time she blow-dried:I do not even individual a blow-dryer.”

Go-to item: AG Rapid Foods Go away On Conditioner.The only time I’ll ever use anything is if it gets super frizzy, which transpires when it rains.”

Berge shampoos and conditions her hair during her nightly shower ― and that is it. “I go to snooze possibly with it in a bun, or just in a natural way loose, and when I wake up in the early morning, I have these actually normal, wonderful curls,” she explained. “If I wake up and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, on stage today!’ I just permit it go. I legit stroll out the doorway with my curly bedhead.”

Salomée Levy, significant university senior and component-time tutor

8 Women On Why They Don’t Blow Dry Their Hair -- And What They Do Instead

Very last time she blow-dried: I’d say about 5 years.”

Levy’s hair can choose 3 to 4 hrs to dry, prompting her classmates to sometimes inquire,Did you just get out of the shower?” It’s irritating, she stated, but ultimately, she is familiar with it is the proper decision for her. “Overall, it’s empowering,” she informed HuffPost. “A ton of people who do have curly hair encounter warmth damage” from blow-dryers, straighteners and curling irons. “For me, not working with heat goods genuinely empowers me to just air-dry my hair mainly because I know I’m trying to keep a pretty healthier curl form and just continuing my balanced, curly hair journey.”

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