A Gang Of Raccoons Crashed This Bride And Groom’s Wedding Photos

A Gang Of Raccoons Crashed This Bride And Groom's Wedding Photos

Marriage ceremony crashers really don’t get any cuter than this.

Previous month, bride and groom Sarah and Zach Levenberg were being using wedding ceremony pics in a woodsy portion of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park when a gang of raccoons popped up for a speedy photobomb. (The extra standard title for a team of raccoons is a “gaze” but who calls the vandals of the animal world that?)

The raccoons make their entrance. 

Marriage photographer Kathryn White was rapid to snap the shots ― and just as swift to advise the bride and groom move out of the way in case the animals were intense.

They passed through quickly but wedding photographer Kathryn White said they seemed curious about what was going on. 

They handed as a result of rapidly but wedding ceremony photographer Kathryn White mentioned they appeared curious about what was likely on. 

Thankfully, these furry city dwellers ended up chill.

“We stepped absent but they ongoing to arrive towards us slowly but surely,” White advised HuffPost. “They honestly just appeared tremendous curious about what we ended up up to! I took some photos as they walked powering my few and continued down the route.”

The raccoons make their exit. 

The raccoons make their exit. 

As soon as they created their cameo, the cute interlopers scampered away.

“The pair and I had a excellent chortle immediately after they walked absent from us,” White stated. “We resolved it have to be a excellent omen for their wedding ceremony working day!”

At the incredibly minimum, it manufactured for some really magical-on the lookout marriage ceremony pictures. As the bride joked on Instagram, “I’m a person singing-hen-on-the-shoulder absent from Disney Princess standing.”

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Kathryn White Photography

Kathryn White Images

Kathryn White Pictures

Kathryn White Photography

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