Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Patient Blood Samples From Lab Tech In India

Monkeys Steal Coronavirus Patient Blood Samples From Lab Tech In India

It appears bananas, but authorities in India say a troop of monkeys attacked a health-related formal and stole blood samples belonging to patients who had analyzed good for the coronavirus.

Earlier this week, a lab technician at a state-operate clinical college or university in Meerut was going for walks across campus when some rhesus macaques converged on him.

The monkeys then snatched away blood samples that the lab tech was carrying that came from 4 COVID-19 patients who are undergoing cure, according to Reuters.

Eyewitnesses claimed viewing a monkey chewing on one of the sample collection kits whilst sitting down at the leading of a tree, in accordance to

In addition, the monkeys still left elements of the stolen kits scattered on the ground, about neighborhood officials.

Dr. S. K. Garg, an official at the college the place the monkey assault transpired, informed Reuters he was not sure if the monkeys could possibly agreement the coronavirus if they have come into speak to with infected blood.

“No evidence has been uncovered that monkeys can agreement the an infection,” Garg explained.

SkyNews reports that because lockdown actions ended up imposed two months in the past in the spot, monkeys have been congregating in places that are typically crowded with people.

Nonetheless, some observers believe that quite a few of the primates are having difficulties simply because the human meals they ordinarily take in has been severely diminished.

Normally, Twitter users went ape for the tale.

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