Muslim Women Break Down The Myths Around Hair And Hijab

Muslim Women Break Down The Myths Around Hair And Hijab

As a Muslim woman who chooses to don khimar (kee-mar) or a head-masking, I have frequently encountered some of the most absurd notions about what it signifies: that some guy forced me to wear it, or that I have no hair at all.

The thoughts surrounding this apply in Islam have been:

  • “Do you use that in the shower?”

  • “Do you at any time acquire it off?”

  • “Do you even have to acquire care of your hair beneath there?”

Here’s a rapid lesson on the modesty apply of Muslim gals. The hijab (hee-jab), which is the phrase men and women frequently misuse to refer to the head masking, is substantially much more than just a head masking. It is a full embodiment of modesty. It is a code of equally behavioral and dressing ethics, implementing to guys and females alike. It is a combination of how you discuss, behave and deal with some others in addition to how you existing on your own to the planet as a result of what you don.

Girls who choose to go over their hair do so for their own religious link, but what’s beneath their khimar is also handled with the similar spiritual exercise, really like and care.

We spoke with 8 Muslim women of all ages who shared their ordeals donning khimar, the misconceptions they’ve endured, and how they sense about their hair.

Bibi Watts, Philadelphia

“I like the emotion of having my splendor be a magic formula and not obtaining caught up worrying about the demands of culture,” suggests Watts. 

“When I feel about my hijab, I see it as my crown. Not only is it a personal stamp of identity, but it presents me a perception of course and uniqueness. I uncover it humorous when people check with if I design my hair since ‘no one particular sees it.’ As if to infer, considering the fact that the community cannot see, it should not issue how it looks. It’s in fact rather the opposite. I adore unveiling for my spouse at household and see myself as the gift he will get to unwrap each and every time I get my hair down. I enjoy the experience of acquiring my attractiveness be a secret and not getting caught up stressing about the demands of culture.”

Aisha Abdul-Aleem, Baltimore

“I have constantly had a whole head of extended, thick hair, and caring for it is a great deal. Masking my hair day by day is a double-edged sword. Whilst it is protected and I am satisfying my Lord though putting on the khimar, on the other hand, my hair yearns for dampness and day by day awareness. This prospects me to guarantee that it is taken care of and in doing that I make recurrent salon journeys. Considering the fact that covering my hair, it has increased in duration and it requires much more time to care for it. I welcome issues about it because it enables me to introduce Islam to others and makes it possible for them to get an knowledge of Islam and who I am.”

Sadiyah Powell, Washington, D.C.

"The day after I got married, I cut all of my hair off. It allowed me to learn and fall in love with my hair in a brand new way," says Powell.

“The working day following I bought married, I minimize all of my hair off. It permitted me to understand and tumble in like with my hair in a manufacturer new way,” says Powell.

“For me, a great deal of emphasis was place on my hair when I was youthful. Since my mom was getting ready me for carrying hijab — a life exactly where my hair would definitely only be seen by my relatives ― a good deal of it was framed as if it was local community hair in a feeling. The day right after I bought married, I minimize all of my hair off. It permitted me to master and slide in enjoy with my hair in a model new way. Definitely experiencing its expansion, texture, and entire body in its smallest capacity and looking at its journey to turning out to be what it is now has produced me truly appreciate my hair.”

Hayyat Watts, Rock Hill, South Carolina

“An appreciation and respect for hijab was instilled in me from a formative age. My mother advised her daughters we had been flowers in Allah’s Backyard. Elevated girls. And we had been created to truly feel specific, one of a kind and treasured. As a woman, I was taught that nevertheless my hair should not be uncovered, nor beautified for the public, neither need to it be unkempt underneath my veil. Pure or permed, cornrows or curls, we took satisfaction in keeping fly. And it is so a great deal easier as a married female to have only my man’s style to take into consideration, exterior mine, when I’m styling these concealed locks.”

Aliyah Hakim-El, New York Metropolis

"What I love most is that hijab allows me to look fly even on a bad hair day," says Hakim-El.

“What I enjoy most is that hijab lets me to glimpse fly even on a undesirable hair day,” claims Hakim-El.

“While hijabs have turn into normalized in the mainstream media and the style globe, numerous stereotypes continue to exist. Several are nevertheless persuaded that our option to go over someway indicates we neglect our hair. That could not be even more from the truth of the matter. Carrying hijab has actually produced everyday hair treatment a precedence for me as opposed to leading to harm to reach a certain design and style. While my hijab might temporarily flatten my curly fro, I’m happy to know it is shielding my hair versus dust and direct sunlight. Masking my hair has also created me additional at ease with experimenting with kinds and hues which I possibly would deem far too risky if I didn’t protect. What I like most is that hijab allows me to search fly even on a lousy hair day. I also like that I can characterize satisfaction in my spiritual identity publicly and also get lovable for my partner when I’m house. To the environment, our hair is protected all day, but in actuality, the second we enter our household, we’re in a Pantene commercial.”

Iman Khalid, United Arab Emirates

“I really used to struggle with the thought of wearing a scarf full-time because so much of my beauty was wrapped up in my hair," says Khalid.

“I definitely made use of to battle with the considered of wearing a scarf comprehensive-time mainly because so much of my beauty was wrapped up in my hair,” states Khalid.

“I really used to struggle with the believed of sporting a scarf complete-time for the reason that so a great deal of my magnificence was wrapped up in my hair. I questioned who would however come across me stunning if it were being hid. I realized I was intended to put on it but wondered what would spark the fire that would guide me to don it for the pleasure of God. An auntie was sick and dying in the healthcare facility and against my mother’s tips, I went to take a look at devoid of my hair lined. Walking into her home I could experience the presence of the angels and realized my hair was under no circumstances heading to save my lifetime. When I received house I prayed tricky, ‘Allow me to really like you additional than I adore myself. Permit me to like what you really like and to be who you want me to be.’”

Aisha Almuid, Baltimore

“As a Muslim female, it is a section of my religious obligation to use the headscarf, but as a feminine female, it is a aspect of my self-treatment schedule to care for my hair just as I would if it was on exhibit for the public to see. For me, hair treatment is not just for men and women to see, but it is a part of my self-esteem. When my hair is adequately taken care of, I sense wonderful regardless. Just as we wax and do other hygienic care that no one particular sees, the exact same applies for me and my hair treatment.”

Ashley Marshall-Seward, Atlanta

"Trust and believe, this hair is laid under my hijab!” says Marshall-Seward.

“Trust and believe, this hair is laid below my hijab!” states Marshall-Seward.

“I was elevated in the beauty salon. My aunt owned 1 and getting my hair accomplished was attractive. I’ve been sporting hijab for 18 several years, and just for the reason that I cover my hair does not imply I’ve stopped caring for my hair. I picked up a worthwhile skill from my aunt, and I enjoy styling mine and my daughter’s hair in numerous diverse approaches. I really don’t imagine twice about not currently being able to exhibit my hair off to other folks in public I reserve my beautiful variations for my family to see in our residence. But believe in and believe, this hair is laid underneath my hijab!”

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