Real Estate Agent’s Zillow Listing Goes Viral Thanks To Bigfoot

Real Estate Agent's Zillow Listing Goes Viral Thanks To Bigfoot

A true estate agent’s Zillow listing has long gone large-time viral thanks to a tiny aid from Bigfoot.

Daniel Oster was acquiring all set to checklist a five-bedroom, three-bath household in Felton, California, when he made the decision to do a small some thing additional to make the household stick out to consumers.

So he had pics taken of himself in a Sasquatch costume executing all the things that a lot less-furry inhabitants could possibly do in the abode.

Bigfoot, aka serious estate agent Daniel Oster, bakes in a residence in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Bigfoot strikes a pose in a home in Felton, California.

Bigfoot strikes a pose in a household in Felton, California.

… And even some gardening.

Bigfoot trims flower bushes around a home with a list price near $1 million.

Bigfoot trims flower bushes close to a residence with a listing price near $1 million.

Oster doesn’t try to remember accurately why he resolved to use Bigfoot to market place the house, but he pointed out there is a “kitschy Bigfoot museum” not much absent.

“It popped into my head,” Oster informed HuffPost. “I suggested it to the sellers and they had been promptly on board ― that astonished me.”

“My spouse certain me this would function and we came up with enjoyment strategies for pictures.”

Essentially actively playing the legendary creature wasn’t as a lot fun, Oster admits. The $250 Bigfoot costume was “very warm and awkward,” he claimed.

Luckily, the shoot only took an hour.

“We arrived prepared,” Oster said.

But he wasn’t completely ready for the response the Sasquatch snapshots would receive. The Zillow listing has been viewed much more than 400,000 periods due to the fact he posted it a couple of days back, he informed San Francisco Tv station KGO.

Even much better: He’s now gotten offers that exceed the $999,000 listed price tag.

Although some other agents have informed Oster they may possibly copy his tactic, he sees his Bigfoot modeling occupation as a a person-time matter.

“I think undertaking it once again may direct to diminishing returns,” he claimed.

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