That Seals It! Santa Fe’s Official City Seal Has Accent Mark In Wrong Spot

That Seals It! Santa Fe's Official City Seal Has Accent Mark In Wrong Spot

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — An accent mark of the official seal of the money metropolis of the nation’s most Hispanic point out is in the improper location.

The misplaced accent mark at the best of the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s web-site was just lately spotted by a reporter who works by using an accent in his title, the Santa Fe New Mexican experiences.

On the web site, the seal uses the official’s identify of the metropolis: La Villa Serious de la Santa Fé de San Francisco de Asís, or Santa Fe for shorter.

But the seal on the city’s web-site puts the accent mark about the first “s” in Asís as a substitute of around the “i.”

Even Mayor Alan Webber, who is at first from St. Louis and moved to Santa Fe from the East Coastline, understands the accent mark over the “s” is no bueno.

“It is generally in excess of a vowel it is never ever around a consonant,” Webber reported. “Yes, I uncovered that from my Spanish instructor.”

Webber erroneously named the misplaced accent mark around the “s” a tilde, which is basically that squiggly line that goes above words and phrases like “piñon” and “español.”

Santa Fe is 1 of the oldest continual settlements in the U.S. and has a very long record with Hispanics.

An accent mark of the formal seal of the capital city of the nation’s most Hispanic condition is in the improper place.

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