Twitter Users Speculate Stranded Kayaker Might Really Be Bigfoot

Twitter Users Speculate Stranded Kayaker Might Really Be Bigfoot

A kayaker in New York managed to keep away from currently being the star of a serious-lifetime sequel to Tom Hanks’ 2000 movie “Cast Away” on Friday, many thanks to the New York Police Section.

The unidentified male was described lacking for extra than 12 hours in advance of he was at last found on a remote island in Jamaica Bay, Queens.

That’s according to this NYPD tweet, which mentioned the kayaker managed to “take social distancing to the future stage.”

The good thing is, instead than feeling all wet, the stranded kayaker served his own lead to by starting up a fireplace as very well as spelling out “help” utilizing sticks he gathered.

In addition, he manufactured guaranteed to get the attention of officers traveling a police helicopter by frenetically waving his arms when it flew by.

The helicopter was capable to land on the island and consider the uninjured kayaker back to the mainland, officers reported in accordance to the New York Every day Information.

Although the NYPD did not identify the man who was rescued, many Twitter consumers latched on to 1 probable concept based mostly on the way he looked to the camera.

Bigfoot was unavailable for comment.

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